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Add Zero banners to non Wikipedia mobile project pages
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Since all zero partners whitelist all WMF production projects, zero behavior (banners, exit warnings) are needed for non Wikipedia projects.

This task is to adapt the banner code to work on Wiktionary, with an approach that will make the code easily reusable on other sister WMF sites such as Wikibooks, WikiVoyage, Wikimedia Commons, etc.

This is a medium level priority for the Wikipedia Zero team.

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Please remove exit warnings when switching to the desktop version or following a link to a sister project (the majority of mobile operators offer free access to desktop v. & other WM projects).

Is this task still relevant? Or can it be closed?

Jdlrobson added a subscriber: ovasileva.

Given lack of activity I'm declining this on the assumption it is no longer relevant. cc @ovasileva