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Clarify "Tech Talk" documentation to potentially allow more people to organize one
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Looking at I wondered about potential obstacles if I ever wanted to organize a Tech Talk.

  • Find a date and time that works for the presenter. Reserve a conference room (R31, R37, R67 or the 6th Floor Collab space) at WMF beginning at least 15 minutes before the tech talk starts through the end of the tech talk.
  • When using the collab space, submit support request ticket to IT: techsupport@

If I'm either a volunteer not working for WMF and presenting from home, or a random staffer, is it mandatory to reserve a conference room in the WMF office?

  • Using the MediaWiki Google+ Account create a Google Hangouts On Air broadcast for the date and time of the tech talk.

Who has access to the "MediaWiki Google+ account?

  • Add the tech talk to the WMF engineering calendar. Include IRC details and youtube link.

Is that some internal calendar? We might want to say so and who has write access to that calendar.
As "youtube" is mentioned for the very first time here, is that automatically created by that "Google Hangouts On Air broadcast" mentioned earlier? Is that the same?

  • Tweet from the MediaWiki twitter account about the tech talk
  • Create a Facebook post about the tech talk on MediaWiki's Facebook page

Who has write access to the Twitter and Facebook accounts?