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[Tool Labs] Database credential file missing in my home directory on Tool Labs (/home/wiki13).
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Pretty much title. Somehow I seem to miss my database credential file in my home directory, so I have no way to access the replica databases. I'm completely sure I didn't delete the file on accident. For as far I can recall it has never has been there in the first place.

To resolve this task:

  1. On labstore, run /usr/local/sbin/delete-dbuser --config /etc/create-dbusers.yaml u2786.
  2. Check that after five minutes sudo sudo -iu wiki13 sql enwiki_p works.

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Invalid. Asked about this on IRC, and personal accounts are not used for database access anymore (you should use tool accounts for this for what I have been told). Documention on Wikitech ( should be updated to reflect this.

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I'm pretty sure users are supposed to have a For what it's worth, recently-added new tools users do have one, so I'm pretty sure you also should have one.

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Hello, i'm new lab user. It seems to be something wrong with my /home/y-verciti/ I first get a replica file from my tools.vocabulary-index account than copy it to my y-verciti account. It seems that the user will act with a bad id so people from irc.wikimedia.labs told me to ask you for reseting.

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It's present now. Apologies for the late response!