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Interwiki links block the "link with page" dialog
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When a page is not linked with any Wikidata item, the "Add links" link below interwiki section starts the "link with page" pop-up dialog window.

However, if the page contains any local interwiki link, the "Add links" starts "Create a new item" Wikidata page instead. (Just not prefilled - the interwiki is not utilized).

I can see no logic and no benefit in such different behaviour.

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Is this a duplicate of T124147?

Nikki added a subscriber: Nikki.Jan 21 2016, 11:53 AM

I wouldn't really say they're duplicates, although they are clearly related. This ticket is mainly about the popup dialog not working at all when there are local interwiki links (which is annoying and I hope it will get fixed :)). The other ticket seems to be asking for new features like removing local interwiki links (which might be nice, although YiFeiBot is already removing them on a lot of wikis).