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Appending ".json" to an entity url should work (Feature Request)
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For example, to view the JSON of:

You should be able to visit:

Currently you can find the json at: which is practically impossible to find and is not linked in the "Tools" sidebar or anywhere else I can find. I saw somewhere that "content negotiation" might be possible to view the json format, but it is not practical in many use cases.

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This already works for (that's the URL found under "Concept URI" in the sidebar with .json appended).

See also T66515.

Pengo added a comment.Jan 2 2016, 3:40 AM

I stand by my "practically impossible to find" comment.

What do you want exactly? This looks like a WORKSFORME.

Pengo added a comment.Jan 3 2016, 4:12 AM

What do you want exactly?

To be able to add ".json" to a url in your browser's url bar.

If you visit: (/entity)

You will be redirected to: (/wiki)

So I'm not sure how anyone would find the working json url of:  (/entity .json)

Instead, you'll probably find this: (* /wiki .json)

with the message "This entity does not exist"

Why not make it work the same way as the "/entity .json" url? i.e. also
redirect it to

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This ticket appears to be some kind of subticket of T109420: [Story] Make exports formats more visible. Both are about discoverability.

Personally I support what is asked for here. When I'm on a wiki page like
and I add ".json" at the end, I expect the resulting URL
to not show a "page not found" error as it does now, but to redirect to

Pengo added a comment.May 17 2018, 3:31 AM

Thanks thiemowmde for drawing the connection. I've added this as a child task in case someone suddenly decides to write a couple of nginx regex rewrite rules to make this happen.

cscott added a subscriber: cscott.Oct 11 2018, 7:02 PM

...and adding .jsonld at the end should also work, right?

...and adding .jsonld at the end should also work, right?

Yes please. I hope the current open patch in T44063 will take care of that