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Greek language assets
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  • generate TFiDF badword lists
  • review and aggregation of badwords/informal words by native speaker
  • implement revscoring.language.Language (Language utility)

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@ToAruShiroiNeko, did you have a contact from elwiki who can help us push this forward?

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I'd like to help with this.
The bot generated list seems to cut words in half, separated by their diacritics: almost all greek words contain diacritics (some people omit them only when they type in touch screen or capital letters)
So the list is currently useless, most strings there are parts of common words.

Hi @geraki, we just had a pull request merged this data.

How does it look?

We can certainly work on the greek diacritics issues. I'll do some work on our tokenizer to handle that right now.

Halfak renamed this task from Greek language utilities to Greek language assets.May 23 2017, 7:00 AM

Just checked and it looks like our tokenizer handles it but the elwiki words came from an old run of BWDS. @Ladsgroup, do you think we could re-run BWDS with the most recent version of deltas and then use that to extend what we have for Greek language assets? I'll file a new task.

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