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Wikidata items for articles in the Draft namespace
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It is possible to add sitelinks to draft articles on Wikidata, but they are not functioning properly.

  1. The link to "Wikidata item" does not appear in the tools sidebar on enwiki.
  1. No inter-language links appear on the draft article.

(However, an inter-language link to the draft article does appear on the other language versions.)

An example can be seen at

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This is same problem by modules on Wikidata as well, see for instance or Maybe a problem in client configuration?

hoo added a comment.Jan 11 2016, 3:00 PM

The draft is explicitly excluded right now. In order to change that, I guess consensus on Wikidata (and maybe also on the Wikipedia/s in question) needs to be obtained.

This is same problem by modules on Wikidata as well, see for instance or Maybe a problem in client configuration?

This is unrelated, but I will look into that (and maybe open a separate bug).

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If this behaviour is intentional, then I wonder what was the rationale for the current implementation?

Interwiki links to the draft article are working, but interwikis from the draft article are not working.

I will open a discussion about this on wikidata shortly.

Alsee added a subscriber: Alsee.EditedJan 28 2017, 1:04 AM

Holy crap. Wikidata should not be linking to our draft space at all. They definitely should not appear on other language wikis, as public links to a supposed English Language version of the article.

Draft pages are intended as an internal workplace. Drafts can contain inappropriate content. We want draft pages to be as "hidden" as any publicly-accessible page can be. They are listed as NOINDEX for any search engines or other external scanning. Links to draft space should only be created as part of internal workflows, to develop, review, or otherwise manage the draft.

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On the other hand it would be useful to have interwiki links FROM draft articles, as this would help people translating, etc.

Bovlb added a subscriber: Bovlb.Thu, Mar 12, 7:46 PM

A workaround could be to use a template like Template:Interwiki_Extra on ENWP. For example, on Draft:Principality of Pavia, we could add the line:

{{interwiki extra|qid=Q3921984}}

The means that the draft is linked to the corresponding mainspace articles in other languages (not only as a source of information, but also to prevent later duplication), but other projects don't see the draft article (assuming the main space redirect is not linked from Wikidata).

It might be better to devise a template specialized for the needs of drafts that could also display a line at the bottom, and do something helpful (e.g. display a warning message, add a category) if it ends up being used outside draft/user space (say if the article is moved to main space).