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Automate translation updates for DCAT-AP
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Now that the DCAT repo is on gerrit it should be possible to use the translation update bot directly. outlines the steps we need to follow (minus the github specific stuff) in order to do that. On top of that we probably need to give the l10n bot access to the repo.

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Change 262919 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lokal Profil):
Move intuition/dcatap into its own repo

I did a patch for the translatewiki configs. As for adding l10n-bot would that be with the same permissions as in,access ?

I think so. This is the first time we are doing i18n updates to ops repo, so there might be things to sort out how that is done.

Change 262919 merged by jenkins-bot:
Move intuition/dcatap into its own repo

I updated the permissions settings (please give it a once over and I'll merge).

I'll also merge the open commits.

Lokal_Profil claimed this task.

The translations are now being pushed and merged correctly