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[WMDE-Fundraising] Prepare server configuration and deployment scripts
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When the VMs are set up by plusserver, we need to do the following steps on each one:

  • Create a deployment user (so subsequent deploys by different people won't run into permission problems with the git repo). that use also has to be in the same group as nginx. All following steps that don't have a [root] marker have to be performed as that user,
  • Check out the FundraisingFrontend git repo
  • Install composer binary
  • Run composer install and npm build-js
  • Create a configuration file with the database credentials and other settings
  • Use vendor/bin/doctrine orm:schema-tool:create to create the database tables
  • [root] create an nginx configuration for the site (document root, rewrite to exclude index.php, PHP 7 stuff)

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Test server is set up at

The Ansible script that prepares the server is ready for review at

Next steps (will create task for them):

  • Set up prod server
  • Set up Ansible on monitor server to do deployments so not every developer has to install Ansible in his machine.