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[WMDE-Fundraising] URL compatibility of old stuff
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Steps to perform

  • Ask fundraising team where links are
  • get common URLs from this years access log
  • configure NGINX redirects to new URLs

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/spenden/[A-Za-z_\-\s] => /page/$1
/spenden/list.php => list-comments.html
/spenden/rss.php => list-comments.rss
/spenden/json.php => list-comments.json

If we just redirect all requests from /spenden/[A-Za-z_\-\s] to /page/$1, we can cover all requests that just display content. We'd also exclude all requests to somefile.php and parametrized requests. All other requests should just be redirected to the default route (/).

Where do you think this is best done? Webserver or application?

My first impulse would be webserver (for performance reasons). On the other hand, when doing it in the application, we can write unit tests for it (instead of having to write browser tests). So - web server.

Question: Will we preserve the /spenden/ path in the new application? So far, I thought we would drop it. If we preserve it, I'll create a task for changing the nginx config.

+1 what Gabriel said, but the conclusion should be: So - application redirects.

I can't think of a reason to preserve the path, so I think we should drop it.

You know, my mom is linking to in her email signature. If she gets upset I'm totally blaming you two.

That just means that the /spenden/ path should display the default donation page -> can you add that too, @kai.nissen ?

added (also the edge case of @JeroenDeDauw's mom)

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