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Mobile apps priorities at for the Wikimedia Hackathon 2016
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@Chen_WMIL and @Tnegrin (WMF Reading) had a first conversation about mobile apps projects at the Wikimedia-Hackathon-2016. We need a plan that includes

  • Identification of an owner for this hackathon area and this task.
  • Identification of possible hackathon projects. Any suggestions from the Community Wishlist Survey 2015? Any popular requests in Phabricator? Based on last year's experience, we want to promote projects with clear community interest and good chances of ending with features deployed.
  • Identification of local developer groups and individuals that could contribute to these projects and should be invited. Based on last year's experience, we should put an emphasis in building longer term relationships beyond the event.
  • Promotion of these projects asap, in order to sync local outreach and travel sponsorship.

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I think there's a lot of interesting uncharted territory that can be covered at this event, specifically involving better integration with Wikidata, as well as new directions in microcontributions.
Here are a few existing tasks that would be ripe for the picking (some of greater scope than others):

T123652: [Hacking idea] Popup infobox populated from Wikidata.

T119887: [Hacking idea] Edit a section at highlighted position.

T90765: Make app Wikidata description editable

T119885: [Hacking idea] Automatic disambiguation resolver in Search results.

...and of course, based on recent discussions, it looks like WMIL is interested in further developing Commons app(s), so we could figure out some concrete tasks for that, as well.

I will almost certainly be at the Hackathon, and would be more than happy to be involved in any apps-related efforts. :-)

Hey, do we know if there are iOS community developers or third parties who are already a lock for the hackathon? This factors into our planning for Reading engineer attendance.

Qgil added a comment.Jan 15 2016, 1:02 AM

Since sending WMF mobile developers is kind of tied to local mobile developers registering to the event, why don't we set a goal and a deadline? Something like 10 iOS devs by Feb 15 in order to send our iOS devs (and the same for Android).

Also, are there known mobile contributors that you would like to invite? We cannot promise travel sponsorship to anyone beforehand, but having the endorsement of the Mobile Apps team would be a strong plus for being sponsored.

In the case of approximately two engineers who in their day jobs focus on Android (@Dbrant & @Mholloway, who also do a touch of web), we have sufficient coverage.@KHammerstein is potentially interested, she's worked across UX for all Reading products, but we'll need to circle with @Nirzar and her.

I don't think we need to aim quite so high on iOS, but getting a basic sense in the next week or two would be helpful - we need to get things scheduled for travel sooner; 6 weeks is cutting it a little too tight for me, even if it's sending just one iOS developer (that's all we'd likely send, not more). @Matanya, do you have a sense of whether there are iOS apps type people going to the Hackathon?

In terms of immediately obvious groups for iOS in addition to (or already considered) what @Matanya might know, I've heard that Wikiwand is located in Israel. @Matanya or @Qgil do you have any read here for availability of Wikiwand or others interested in iOS app hacking?

Qgil added a comment.Mar 31 2016, 8:58 AM

The hackathon starts tomorrow. Are there mobile apps priorities defined?

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The Wikimedia Hackathon is over now, hence closing this task as declined (assumption, as no updates have been provided in this task).