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Adding a claim to a redirected item throws a incorrect wikibase-validator-no-such-entity error message
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I tried to add a claim on Q22010361 ( to , but turns out it was redirected. modification-failed: [[Q21345747|Q21345747]] not found [messages:[{u'html': {u'*': u'<a href="/wiki/Q21345747" title="Q21345747" class="mw-redirect">Q21345747</a> not found'}, u'name': u'wikibase-validator-no-such-entity', u'parameters': [u'[[Q21345747|Q21345747]]']}]; help:See for API usage]

The error message is incorrect. The entity at exists, it's just a redirect. Correct behaviour would be either:

  • Just accept it and add the target item (bit like how you get redirected when you open
  • Throw an error that I'm trying to make a claim with a redirect as target (preferable with the Q id of the target so it's easy to recover)

I would of course prefer option 1.

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Related to option #1: T122357. For consistency reasons, I think we should go with the second approach.

Thinking about this. Adding a claim to a redirect isn't technically incorrect so it maybe should just be accepted.

Could we add a statement with the redirect and give a warning? Or add a statement with the redirect target and give a warning?

It seems to me that to keep the database in good shape and reduce edits fixing redirects we should resolve the redirect.

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So per
This issue will happen with entityIds in any part of any JSON!
This includes using wbeditentity

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