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[SPIKE] Redo loot-style content analysis but with the MediaWiki parser
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As part of the 2015-16 Q2 experimental goal, we did some analysis of HTML content for a sample of articles. The HTML output was mostly driven by Parsoid, however, so we should redo this analysis but with the MediaWiki parser as the backend.


  • Change joakin/loot-content-analysis to use the MediaWiki parser
  • Publish the results to mobile-l
  • Use the results to prioritise any future engineering work
  • Explore whether we can do this sitewide using a database dump

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As discussed @Jhernandez I took a look at using MobileFormatter and results are somewhat worrying - but trade off for first paint may be worth pursuing...

Analysis published:

No surprises, results are very similar to restbase ones (a bit less payload size on references in general).

Will send email soon to mobile-l and consider how to perform this kind of work on a bigger sample set (doesn't need to be the whole wikipedia, but a much bigger sample set).

@Jhernandez: What's needed to sign this off? I think AC #1 and #2 are done.

This has been in Ready for Signoff since last Wednesday. The actionable AC – all but the last – have been met: we're prioritising stripping navboxes and we're investigating stripping references.