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Date format in Slovenian
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Author: dejan.papez

The grammatically correct default date format in Slovenian should be d. m y instead of the current d m y. This means, the number of a day should be followed by a point:


  1. januar 2005 instead of 1 januar 2005
  2. marec 2006 instead of 16 marec 2006

I would also like to ask for the linked ISO date to be automatically transformed to this format (as it has been done for the English Wikipedia).

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: enhancement



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Screenshot date preferenced sl

Please see attached screenshot. Is this the correct format now?

I assume it is valid for all MediaWiki installations in Slovenian language, not only for the Wikimedia project, isn't it?

If you confirm, I will commit the change to the Slovenian message file.


pref_sl.png (369×681 px, 15 KB)

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Screenshot recent changes sl

Screenshot from recent changes.


rc_sl.png (306×610 px, 17 KB)

dejan.papez wrote:

Yes, this is ok. It is valid for all MediaWiki installations in Slovenian language.

dejan.papez wrote:

  • The correct format in the list of revisions (history), at the end of page (This page was last modified on), in the user signature, and in the list of date formats (user preferences) - possibly also elsewhere - would be to use genitive: 24. marca 2012 instead of 24. marec 2012. However, the possibility to use names of months in nominative (currently set) should also be preserved. The list of genitives (see also bug 6279):

Nominative - genitive:
januar > januarja
februar > februarja
marec > marca
april > aprila
maj > maja
junij > junija
julij > julija
avgust > avgusta
september > septembra
oktober > oktobra
november > novembra
december > decembra

Per Slovene grammar, names of months should be uncapitalised, except where the word marks the beginning of a new sentence. The capitalisation does not have to be fixed, because it is ok now.

  • For time, period should be used instead of colon to separate hours from minutes and minutes from seconds.

Dejan Papež, thanks for your report. You can translate month names at (if you've not already done so, register and request permission with the big green button on main page).
This bug is fixed; if there are separate othproblems like grammar for cases in Slovenian, please open another bug for better clarity. Thank you!

dejan.papez wrote:

Are you sure this has been done ok? You've linked to Slovak (sk) translations, not Slovene (sl).

(In reply to comment #7)

Are you sure this has been done ok? You've linked to Slovak (sk) translations,
not Slovene (sl).

Yes, sorry, I meant
I didn't change anything, the month names were already translated to genitive.
This bug is about date format and on date separator you opened bug 40942; the case to be used for month names is better handled on a new bug report, if the current messages, magic words and grammar rules are not ok.