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Give SVGs in the math dialog menu the same baseline
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Some of the buttons in the math dialog are currently ambiguous due to not all having the same baseline. E.g. \overset{\alpha}{\omega} vs. \underset{\alpha}{\omega} and \ldots vs. \cdots

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why not use native MathML output for the symbols.
This would make the menu much lighter to load in Browsers that support HTML5 (i.e. MathML)

I'd be tempted to hold off for now given the limited browser support for MathML, which means we would have to maintain the SVG version anyway.

Implementing MathML would also be more work than just choosing which one to serve. For example scaling the differently sized symbols to a limited number of button sizes is currently handled by "background-size: contain", but this wouldn't work for MathML.

It seems to me a better idea to switch some time in the future when MathML is better supported, and solve this current problem by correcting the SVG baselines.

Change 267452 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tchanders):
Add option to adjust SVG baseline on math dialog buttons

Change 267452 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add option to adjust SVG baseline on math dialog buttons

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