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Mobile and desktop views of diff are not the same
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''(Pasted and edited from [[Wikipedia:Teahouse/Questions#Mobile and desktop views of diff are not the same| Teahouse]]. sorry about the formatting, I'm in a rush and don't have time to fix it. )''

I am puzzled and confused by some differences between the mobile and desktop displays of the diff in {{u|Tony1}}'s most recent edits to [[Independence Mall (Philadelphia)]]. I have no issues with the edits themselves.

[ The mobile diff] shows spaces deleted after <code><nowiki></ref></nowiki></code> and after the word "allée", but {{Diff| Independence_Mall_(Philadelphia)| diff=prev| oldid=699120146| label=the desktop diff}} does not; and the page itself shows spaces there:

: The first block closest to Independence Mall was completed in 1954. The design for the first block was developed by Wheelwright, Stevenson and Langren, a Philadelphia Landscape Architecture Firm. By their design, the block featured a central lawn surrounded by terraces, walkways and a formal '''allée of trees.[4] The next block''' featured a central fountain and a square reflecting pool. It was also surrounded by terraces and two brick arcades to mimic the first block.

This is not the only part of the page with these anomalies, just an example. Please, what's going on here?

My mobile device, which I have been using to access all these pages:

*Model: SM-G920V

*Android version 5.1.1

*Baseband v. G920VVRU4BOK7
(Lots more numbers, will provide on request.)

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Hi @Thnidu - yes the assessment is correct - these 2 things are not the same hence the inconsistencies. The desktop version is not easily made mobile friendly but T117279 tracks reconciling these in some ways (although this is needing input from whoever maintains this code).

Thanks for the explanation in layman's language.