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[EPIC] Make wikitech more friendly for the multiple audiences it supports
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The wiki is the home wiki for several technical projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and the larger Wikimedia technical community. According to the current landing page it supports documentation of:

  • production servers and services
  • the Wikimedia Labs virtual machine hosting environment
  • the Tool Labs environment

In addition to these 3 areas, Wikitech is also home to WMF deployment documentation (how to and schedules), OpenStackManager pages for managing Labs instances, documentation on the care and feeding of the Beta Cluster (Deployment-prep Labs project) that is used for integration testing, documentation on additional projects other than Tools and Deployment-prep, documentation on some bots and tools that run in the Tool Labs project, ... the list goes on.

In the past the idea of splitting wikitech into multiple wikis to separate audiences has come up (e.g. T70818: Investigate the creation of a wiki for the dev community that is organizing around Labs). There are pros and cons to adding more wikis but the current consensus seems to be that we should try harder to make a single wiki work before we take the more drastic step of creating yet another wiki.

Key problems with the mixed usage of the wiki:

  • Search results can be ambiguous for various audiences. This is especially pronounced when searching for terms like puppet that are commonly used in Labs hostnames surfaced in the Nova Resource namespace
  • Name collision in the main namespace for terms used by multiple audiences such as database.
  • User rights on Wikitech are tied to technical rights with the infrastructure, and are delicate to delegate to the community {{cn}}
  • No clear location for Tool developers to document their projects.
  • Quite a bit of content that is only of historical interest: Category:Archive, Category:Old_documentation, namespace Obsolete.

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