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Investigate if needs to stay around
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similar to we would like to know if can be removed

it appears that mobile clients use the regular without the "m"

the question also comes from T111967 to know if we need it in our lists of special HSTS hostnames

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@oxygen:/srv/log/webrequest# jq .uri_host /srv/log/webrequest/sampled-1000.json | wc -l
7035053 total

@oxygen:/srv/log/webrequest# jq .uri_host /srv/log/webrequest/sampled-1000.json | grep "logi" | wc -l
125879 with "logi"

@oxygen:/srv/log/webrequest# jq .uri_host /srv/log/webrequest/sampled-1000.json | grep "login.m" | wc -l
0 with "login.m"

apparently already deleted

Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

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renaming ticket, seems this should have been about all this time and never, unlike the linked "www.m" ticket which actually

Change 276385 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):

The only danger would be if MobileFrontend suddenly started hooking earlier in the login process, and redirected mobile users from to the mobile site during login (this would slow the login process, but CentralAuth would still be able to log the user in, if that happened). Right now, I think we do the detection redirect in Varnish and loginwiki is specifically excluded (iirc), and Ex:MobileFrontend only handles the page output. So should be safe to do now, as confirmed by the lack of hits to that domain in our logs.

also see comment from bblack on: T111967#1622278

and i checked [oxygen:/srv/log/webrequest] $ jq .uri_host /srv/log/webrequest/sampled-1000.json one last time.. nothing.

merged. removed from DNS

radon:~] $ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)