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remove wikibugs-irc mail alias ?
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can this be exim alias be safely removed?

141 # Bug mail to IRC bridge
142 wikibugs-irc:   |/usr/local/bin/

this probably was just used until the Bugzilla->Phab switch

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Yeah, you can turn that off. It hasn't been used ever since valhallasw rewrote the bot in python (wikibugs2). And then Phab happened so we re-rewrote the bot ( It shouldn't be receiving any email either since wikibugs-l is dead...

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-# Bug mail to IRC bridge
-wikibugs-irc:	|/usr/local/bin/
Dzahn added a comment.Jan 14 2016, 9:33 PM

I just did the same removal on the file, it existed there as well separately.

-# Bug mail to IRC bridge
-wikibugs-irc:   |/usr/local/bin/