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Possible bad mem chip or slot on dbproxy1004
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I'm troubleshooting some (custom) replication lag from dbproxy1004 (AKA m4-master) to dbstore1002 (AKA analytics-store). I just looked at syslog, and for days, this error has been repeating:

Jan 13 19:39:07 dbproxy1004 kernel: [29034022.584596] EDAC MC0: 1 CE error on CPU#0Channel#0_DIMM#0 (channel:0 slot:0 page:0x0 offset:0x0 grain:8 syndrome:0x0)

It doesn't seem to be causing any functional problems (CE == correctable error(?)), but it is probably something that needs fixed, ja? Perhaps this is causing slow downs in the SELECTs done on this MySQL instance for the custom replication?

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The server is out of warranty but I have several spare DIMM for the R610's on-site. It appears that DIMM A3 is bad and needs to be replaced. I will need about 5 minutes of to replace the DIMM.

Please coordinate best times to make this happen.

Record: 10
Date/Time: 06/12/2015 22:03:14
Source: system
Severity: Non-Critical

Description: Mem ECC Warning: Memory sensor, transition to non-critical from OK ( DIMM_A3 ) was asserted

Record: 11
Date/Time: 06/12/2015 22:03:14
Source: system
Severity: Critical
Description: Mem ECC Warning: Memory sensor, transition to critical from less severe ( DIMM_A3 ) was asserted

@Ottomata: can you coordinate a 5 minutes outage today?

Eeee, I'm not so sure. Are we sure eventlogging is the only user of m4-master?

@Ottomata @Nuria let's coordinate a time that we can get this done.

I think we need to coordinate with @jcrespo. This box is more than just eventlogging db proxy.

No I think dbproxy1004 only serves m4/eventlogging. But we can failover to another machine without needing downtime, I just need time to setup another proxy temporarily.

@Cmjohnson: the update should only be a few minutes right?

If so let's do it today/tomorrow if possible.

@Cmjohson: @madhuvishy is on ops duty this week and she can help coordinate this small maintenance window.

We just need to:

  1. communicate to list
  2. stop el, log to SAL
  3. start el, log to SAL
  4. communicate

@jcrespo @Cmjohnson: EL can handle downtime - We will just stop the EL mysql consumers, and restart them after maintenance window - and data should get reconsumed without loss. Let me know when to kill the consumers, and I can do that.

Since we are about to have an EL downtime anyway, can we fit this in as well?

@Cmjohnson and I will do this Jan 21 16:00 UTC (11am EST).

Should be a very short and unnoticeable downtime.

Replaced the bad DIMM at slot A3