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[Regression] Investigate and fix QuickSurveys browser tests
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The QuickSurveys nightly browser test run has been failing since Monday, 28th December 2015. Let's fix 'em.

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This is because I1e5c5af8066a5b905b54580e459b0651387c86d3 never got released. Someone needs to make a QuickSurveys release. Hence why still in sign off.

The latest version of QuickSurveys has been released but the build is still failing.

Change 265476 had a related patch set uploaded (by Phuedx):

Change 265476 abandoned by Phuedx:

Of course we don't run QUnit tests on a per-commit basis…

Change 265482 had a related patch set uploaded (by Phuedx):
Fix the failing QUnit tests

Change 265482 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix the failing QUnit tests

See T124309 - we'll get that fixed asap. Not sure how that slipped through code review my bad I guess :/

Change 265539 had a related patch set uploaded (by Paladox):
Fix the failing QUnit tests

So it was failing because we didn't do a release obvvvioussllyyy. Given our chat today, I've merged Paladox's cherry pick to master.
Will report back.

Change 265539 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix the failing QUnit tests

Re-assigning to Sam since I think his patch should be enough.
Waiting for to work and then I'll re-run the build.

Still failing.
I'm lost as when I run them locally they pass.
Have sent a mail to the QA list about T105589 as it would really help to be able to debug what's going on here

So I'm pretty sure what's happening here is the browser tests on Jenkins run on the mobile site and when run on commit they run on desktop! Confusing!
I reckon thus that is the cause so working on a fix.

I'm certain that this and T124361 will be fixed by updating the version of QuickSurveys on the Beta Cluster (currently, it's showing v1.1.1 and I've just released v1.1.2). Consequently, I've moved this to -1 (Needs More Work) but I'm not sure who needs to do more work…

Waiting for the Beta Cluster to be updated – it hadn't been updated for some 9 hours /cc @hashar

I'm signing this off! Good work Sam!