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Cross-domain policy regexp is too narrow
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Our regexp in OutputHandler, ApiFormatJson and ApiFormatPhp ('/\<\s*cross-domain-policy\s*\>/i') counts on this tag to never have any attributes. This is not the case, e.g. has <cross-domain-policy xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">. In any case, we must not assume that the spec will never change or that there will never be non-compliant plugin implementations.

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Alternatively, just nuke teh whole thing? Unless someone has an insane rewrite that allows to actually output this XML at /crossdomain.xml, this technique shouldn't be needed anymore.

I believe it's still needed, since any site can helpfully point to a custom url for crossdomain.xml on a site. I believe /crossdomain.xml will override the custom policy, but I haven't yet deployed a /crossdomain.xml yet (T75574: Host crossdomain.xml master policy file).

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I think we should be able to get away with just changing the regex, along the lines of '/\<\s*cross-domain-policy(?=\s|>)/i', and the replacements similarly. This would be a slight change in that it would turn <cross-domain-policy> into \u003Ccross-domain-policy> instead of \u003Ccross-domain-policy\u003E for ApiFormatJson, but I don't think that will matter for the purpose.

This patch looks fine to me, although I wonder if it would be simpler to do /\<\s*cross-domain-policy/i instead

Well, that would catch things like <cross-domain-policy-foobar that aren't the problematic tag.

Updated for short array format in the tests.

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22:47 dapatrick: Deployed patch for T123653 to wmf18 and wmf19

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