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In order for T40: Set up redirects from old URLs to work, first needs to point to

According to @Dzahn, in production things aren't as simple as they were in our wmflabs test:

<mutante> i can't _just_ redirect the DNS
<mutante> because the server phab runs on, doesn't have a public address
<mutante> it is all proxied behind varnish cluster

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note how this switches ALL of the following:

the script from T40 would have to be ready to handle them all, i think it may not. uses just ""?

if ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] == '') {

			$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] = '';

@Dzahn: I'm updating the script to handle all of those host names.

the change that applies the script on production phab server: merged , has been deployed on iridum

the change that changes Varnish config to make request for Bugzilla hosts go to iridium as backend: merged, has been deployed on cp1043/cp1044

the DNS change: NOT MERGED until actual migration moment

but this means you can now test by hacking your local /etc/hosts file and pointing to misc-web

if you switch over to in your hosts file, the redirects should work

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this has happened here:

pointing it to misc-web meant pointing it to phabricator which is behind that

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