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Flask app on uwsgi-python variably fails
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The signpostlab tool is currently down and I cannot get it back up again.

The source code is located in ~/www/python/src. ~/uwsgi.ini assigns There are currently two files in src. is the codebase for the tools. is a Flask MWE example taken from the flask quickstart guide (it just prints Hello World! to the window).

If you try switching the places of the two applications ( for and vice versa; I have been doing this via mv) you will see that the MWE ( works, while the complex tool-defining fails. However webservice2 status reports that the webservice is nevertheless running in the latter case; furthermore though I have had this issue previously, after restarting many times the application began working, so the application appears to be failing for reasons that are difficult to reproduce.

The GitHub repo is here.

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I set this tool up as bd808-test2 with these commands:

$ become bd808-test2
$ mkdir -p www/python
$ cd www/python
$ git clone src
$ cd src
$ virtualenv ~/www/python/venv
$ source ~/www/python/venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cd
$ webservice2 uwsgi-python start
$ curl
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@valhallasw This is a continuation on the 500-or-404 error that we discussed a week or so ago, do you remember more of the particulars? I don't think either of us filed a bug report for it after everything started working again when I turned debug on and then off again.

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After re-doing setup it's up again. Hopefully I just missed a step somewhere and didn't realize it.

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