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MediaWiki:Rev-deleted-text-permission shown on suppressed revision page (instead of MediaWiki:Rev-suppressed-no-diff)
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On frwiki (and possibly other projects, but I cannot check as I don't know which revisions are suppressed), there is a problem with MediaWiki message displayed when a revision is suppressed. When we look at a diff, MediaWiki:Rev-suppressed-no-diff is correctly displayed, but when we look at the revision page, the message is MediaWiki:Rev-deleted-text-permission.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you provide a link to that (to a example diff, affected by this message, not to the sysmessage), that we can lookup/replicate this?

Yeah, I can replicate it (in german this is equal like you described it).

This bug is very strange: This is the same version as this, but it shows other messages. Both diffs shows the normal oversight-message, only the permalink to the version contains this wrong message...

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No longer reproducible

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Still reproducible:
the diff page uses MediaWiki:rev-suppressed-no-diff
the revision page uses MediaWiki:rev-deleted-text-permission

Looks like it's solved now:
Diff page with MediaWiki:rev-suppressed-no-diff
Revision page with MediaWiki:rev-suppressed-text