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[With some extension's set-up,] CAPTCHA is not solvable in VisualEditor, keeps refreshing after saving, cannot save page
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What is going on
Whenever the captcha appears (e.g. after adding around 50 links to the page and hitting the save button in VE) and I try solve the captcha and click save, a new captcha appears. I cannot save the page since the captchas keep refreshing.
I am sure that I did the math correctly :)

Exptected behaviour
When I solve the captcha correctlythe page should save.

Steps to reproduce
Open up a new page and create a hyperlink to some target. Then copy this hyperlink around 20 times and try to save the page. Now the captcha should appear in order to prevent spammers

My Setup

MW: Stable 1.26.0
VisualEditor-Branch:  REL_1_26
ConfirmEdit: 1.4.0
Commit: 34a21d89a1cc28a55ef1dec0e6287b9c42ac8056

Additional information
I used Chrome dev tools in order to intercept the messages going to API.php

# There are three calls to and from api.php returning:
{visualeditor: {result: "success", cachekey: "415e5fb973a976bbb56467412361971f"}}
visualeditor: {result: "success", cachekey: "415e5fb973a976bbb56467412361971f"}
cachekey: "415e5fb973a976bbb56467412361971f"
result: "success"
{error: {code: "badcachekey", info: "No cached serialization found with that key",…}}
error: {code: "badcachekey", info: "No cached serialization found with that key",…}
*: "See http://mywikidomain/mediawiki/api.php for API usage"
code: "badcachekey"
info: "No cached serialization found with that key"

{visualeditoredit: {result: "error",…}}
visualeditoredit: {result: "error",…}
edit: {captcha: {type: "simple", mime: "text/plain", id: "1648133246", question: "54−8"}, result: "Failure"}
result: "error"

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It's probable that the particular extension you're using to provide a CAPTCHA needs custom support inside VisualEditor (because the architecture in general for these is very poor). Which extension and with what configuration are you using?

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Hi James,
I am using ConfirmEdit 1.4.0 GPL-2.0+, although I did not install it by hand. I downloaded a stable 1.26 MW and the stable VE without adding the Captchaplugin

We had this problem appear today at an outreach event - it was triggering for several new users on the Spanish Wikipedia when they tried to add URLs into sandbox pages. The captchas looped endlessly whether the input was correct or not.

The accounts had been newly created on enwiki and then created on eswiki via SUL; nothing was done with preferences as far as I'm aware, so they should be using whatever the current WMF user defaults are and the standard MediaWiki captcha extension. We eventually had to solve the problem by scaring up an eswiki admin and asking them to autoconfirm the users, at which point the captcha was bypassed and it worked fine.

The problem seemed to be browser independent (happened in both IE and Chrome under Windows) and also occurred regardless of keyboard setup (happened with both English and Spanish keyboard layouts set, so it shouldn't be linked to some unidentified oddity in keyboard input). Unfortunately I wasn't able to get version numbers (though I can provide the exact editor details if you want to find them in the logs...)

English Wikipedia with the same browser layout had no captcha problems. I believe we may have had some captcha issues with Farsi on the same day, but not sure how that one worked out. Spanish was definitely broken, though.

Can someone still reproduce this in a recent supported version? If so, please list the MediaWiki, VisualEditor, and Captcha plugin versions.

I'm still experiencing this, yes. I was hoping updating everything today would solve the issue, but apparently not.

MediaWiki: 1.34.1

Version Page:
0.1.1 (74116a7) 23:02, 23 December 2019

Version File:



Version Page:
1.6.0 (45ca059) 07:24, 1 October 2019

Version File:


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