Backfill eventlogging-sourced data
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The MySQL databases for EventLogging recently stopped replicating. No data was lost, but no data was generated for the dashboards, either. Now that we're getting _some_ of it backfilled, go through and fix up those dashboards that we can.

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Partial backfilling, to the portal data, done. Other schemas are still lagging.

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Update: I backfilled all the search/* datasets this morning.

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@mpopov no ya didn't. The desktop sets lacked the 16th-17th. Now fixed.

Recurring bug in run() whenever I try to backfill: "Error in if (file == "") { : argument is of length zero"

It processes certain datasets/scripts but errors at some point. Can you please look into it?

That's...confusing. I don't see any if(file) check. And it shouldn't be erroring at all due to the tryCatch!

Could you provide the date that's erroring?

I got that error when running it for 2016-01-04 / 2016-01-05

It might be trying to read a file or source a script that doesn't exist.

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@mpopov no ya didn't. The desktop sets lacked the 16th-17th. Now fixed.

Actually I did but then backfilled other dates which is why you didn't see the data for 16th and 17th where you expected to see it. It's silly.

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Ok, seems like we have all the eventlogging-related data backfilled. OK with re-opening it if I missed something.

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