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Run Reader Survey 3 in Spanish
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Repeat T116433 in Spanish.

Find Spanish speaking volunteers for translationConsider reaching out to the translation community or Staff.
Find one Spanish speaking volunteer for taggingThis person can be a staff member.
Check with Legal if there are specific requirements we need to meet for translating the privacy policy
Translate privacy policy
Translate the external survey
Translate widget privacy message
Translate widget message

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@ellery I'm going to work on the Japanese/Persian version of the survey. If you work on the Spanish one, that'd be great. I just assigned it to you. Let's shoot for starting the test some time towards the end of next week, if not earlier.

@leila regretfully, I don't speak Spanish. By "work on" do you mean find a Spanish speaker who can translate the privacy policy, the widget, and the survey?

If so, where can I find the privacy policy and the final text of the widget?

@ellery yes, that's what I meant. :-) I just updated the task description. Please ping me if I'm not clear.

For the step that we should ask Legal, please keep me cc-ed so I know the answer for the next language we're working on as well.

@leila Are we planning on running the free form survey or reader survey 3?

@ellery, my suggestion is to first run survey 1-2 (Mobile and Desktop) for 2 days, and then run survey 3. This card is about survey 3. T123770 is about survey 1.

Does this survey need to be run separately on mobile and desktop? If so can you add T119367 as a blocking task (currently platform is still not working)

No it doesn't, @Jdlrobson. Mixed platform is fine. :-)

leila renamed this task from Repeat the third reader survey in Spanish. to Repeat the third reader survey in Spanish.Jan 22 2016, 6:39 PM
  1. Privacy Policy :
  2. Survey 1: "Why are you reading this article today? "
    • ¿Por que estás leyendo este articulo hoy?
  3. Widget: "Answer three questions and help us improve Wikipedia."
    • Responde estas tres preguntas y ayúdanos a mejorar Wikipedia.
  4. Widget Privacy Policy: "Survey data handled by a third party. Privacy"
    • Datos de la encuesta manejados por una tercera parte. Privacidad

TODO: Ask Jorge to review policy. Add disclaimer to privacy policy saying the the english version is the canonical one.

ellery renamed this task from Repeat the third reader survey in Spanish to Run Reader Survey 3 in Spanish.Jan 22 2016, 6:50 PM

We have decided to put this one in Pause as depending on the result of T123770 we may not need to run this survey.

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@bd808 we have put a hold on this survey for now.