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Support for PSTricks rendering inline
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Author: s.celles


most of my courses are made using LaTeX and PSTricks (I teach physics).
I'd like to help the french Wikiversity by giving some of them.
Unfortunately MediaWiki doesn't seems to support PSTricks.
I really think that it will be very usefull to add such a feature
because if now I send a .png or a .jpeg file (for a schematic) it will be very
difficult for others users to modify this schematic.
So the solution is to provide an interface for vector graphics.
Moreover PSTricks is very usefull as it can be very easily modified by
hand (contrary to SVG... even if I'm not opposed to SVG).
Moreover many extension such as pst-circ
are usefull
see for example
pst-plot % plot functions using RPN
pst-infixplot % plot functions without RPN
pst-math % add some mathematical functions
pst-coil % coil, zig-zag
pst-eucl % euclidian geometry, rotation, ...





pstcol and pst-osci % for drawing oscilloscope


Providing PSTricks will help Wikipedia and Wikiversity to have schematics
that can be modified.


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Severity: enhancement



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Maybe this request can be closed. While I can see that there is still a principal need for this, I think the details have changed in the last 12 years.