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Create a page name identification string (i.e. $pagename$) for use in "Replace special"
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So far, I've been crossing my fingers and relying on the robustness of my regex to grab the page name from text. If bold quotes (''') don't exist around it at the beginning of a line, there is a problem. Sometimes, though rarely, even if they exist, there is a problem. The best examples I can give are the plethora of minor planet (asteroid) pages, which sometimes use the {{mp}} template within bold quotes, sometimes not, sometimes for the entire name, sometimes only in part. This creates a very long, complicated search pattern that has to account for many, many exceptions.

Grabbing a page's name shouldn't be this complicated, nor ambiguous; it should be easy.

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@Tom.Reding to confirm if %%pagename%% covers it

It does! I didn't know about that, thank you!

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I see that this indeed works in the Find field. It does not work in the "Replace with" field, though, inserting "%%pagename%%" literally into the text. Can this be made to work in "Replace with" as well?

%%title%%, %%fullpagename%%, %%subpagename%%, %%basepagename%% all do not work either. Is this intentional or a bug?

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rev 11810 For T123925 ApplyKeyWords to In template rule "replace with"