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Document best practices for A/B testing
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  • Email research-interested groups with strawman proposal
  • Consolidate discussion into a set of recommended best practices on Meta
  • Announce the location to WMF product and research-interested groups

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You might draw inspiration (or blatantly copy from) and whatever you end up with should feed back into that. Pinging @mpopov so he's aware.

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@Halfak I'll move this to backlog. Please feel free to move it around as needed, or decline it if you see you won't be doing it. :)

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Which specific team is supposed to look at this task?
Please associate at least one active project with this task (via the Add Action...Change Project Tags dropdown). (Documentation is a too broad meta tag here.) This will allow others to get notified and see this task when looking at the corresponding project workboard. Thanks.

@leila, @Halfak: Which specific team is supposed to look at this task? Please add more context. Thanks!

Either we should decline this task or pass it on to Product-Analytics, I think. @kzimmerman, do you already have a documented set of practices for product experiments, evaluation, and documentation?

We currently have a landing page for this ( and plan to flesh it out more. I believe we also have a task for this; I'll merge the two.