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API geosearch doesn't work with some pages
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I have noticed that API geosearch doesn't work with same pages.

For example has coordinates: 43.773224, 11.254602.

geo_tags table has the row:
SELECT gt_lat, gt_lon FROM geo_tags WHERE gt_page_id=691612;
43.77322388, 11.25460243

but the query centered on these coordinates:

doesn't return "Florence Baptistery", neither using gslimit=1000.

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Have you tried a null-edit on the page yet?

I've null-edited it and the problem was gone. Before that, ES indeed had no coordinates stored. Let's keep his open in case there will be more occurences.

Nice, thanks! I thought the row in geo_tags was enough.
Just for information, could you explain me where coordinates data is stored when I use #coordinates, and why a null edit is needed sometimes, as in this case? Thanks in advance!

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lets close this, as we have not had similar reports i think