AJAX watch response message: $1 not subst'd in link
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Author: alexsm333

When AJAX Watch script gets successful response from server and displays it on top (the message template is taken from e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Removedwatchtext ) the "$1" inside URL ("watch" / "unwatch") is not substituted for correct page name.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: minor

bzimport set Reference to bz10400.
bzimport added a subscriber: Unknown Object (MLST).
bzimport created this task.Jun 28 2007, 4:42 PM

ayg wrote:

The English Wikipedia's hacky workaround for bug 6261 is what's failing here. I have no idea what's different about this particular case, but of course, the nature of hacks is to fail randomly.

Workaround: remove the link from the message text. There's a watch/unwatch link at the top of the page, after all. :)

alexsm333 wrote:

The "watch" / "unwatch" link there is still useful in case of fallback (not using AJAX).

If {{fullurl:...$1...}} is hacky, is there another "good" way to construct a link using $1 ?

If not, I guess I'll have to go and request the link to be removed.

ayg wrote:

When not using AJAX, there should still be a watch/unwatch link at the top of the page (although it seems it's the wrong way around . . .).

It's not {{fullurl:$1}} that's hacky, it's putting it in a template to work around bug 6261.

alexsm333 wrote:

Well, you were right, we discussed and decided the link was redundant and even confusing (not using ajax watch), so it was removed. Marking as WORKSFORME if you don't mind.

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