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reflinks outdated catch of ValueError
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Description (original 2008 code 3a872a4d) includes

except ValueError:
    # Known bug of httplib, google for :
    # "httplib raises ValueError reading chunked content"

Googling reveals (see email that follows: )

A search on b.p.o reveals four issues which affect Python 2.4 and 2.5 only: (fixed in Python 2.6 alpha 1)

And one which affects Python 2.6.5 only (supported by Pywikibot, until T103063 is re-opened) (fixed in Python 2.6.6 rc 1 and Python 2.7 beta 2)

As issue 6312 :

  1. only affects HEAD requests to chunked transfers, and
  2. there is no HEAD request in ( does use HEAD requests) and
  3. doesnt affect Python 2.6.6 which is our known user of Python 2.6
  4. we do not have an automated test platform configured to test Python 2.6.5 (e.g. appveyor
  5. reflinks now uses requests, so there is an upstream library that can resolve these obscure problems if necessary

... this exception catch should be removed as it is extremely unlikely to be needed anymore, and wont be reached by coverage.

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Change 264931 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
Remove unneeded catching of httplib ValueError

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Remove unneeded catching of httplib ValueError