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reflinks should fetch only 1Mb of each linked document
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T111300: Convert reflinks to requests regressed performance slightly, as the previous code would only request ~1Mb. This fetch limit should be re-added to reflinks.

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I'll fix this.

Change 265769 had a related patch set uploaded (by MtDu):
Make reflinks only fetch 1 Mb of each linked document

Could you take a look at the patch and offer some comments?

Could you take a look at the patch and offer some comments?


Thanks for reviewing the panoramiopicker patch. I recently uploaded a new patch here. Could you please give some insight?

sorry I missed this; could you rebase the patch and submit to travis so we can see if it doesnt break anything (reflinks has good tests, so that is sufficient to verify nothing is broken). Then make sure that one of the tests tries to fetch a 2 Mb PDF, and emit a warning to indicate that the document was trimmed.

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