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Close out A/B test for impact of section collapsing
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We ran an A/B test to see how leaving sections open by default impacted reader behaviour (See T120292).

  • We should remove the following snippet of code now we are no longer collecting this data.
		// A/B test to measure the impact of section collapsing
		if ( self.schema && self.schema.isUserInBucket() && self.schema.defaults.isTestA ) {
			// Bucketed users who are in stable and using a small screen device
			// will see expanded sections by default
			// @see T120292
			if ( context.getMode() === 'stable' && !browser.isWideScreen() ) {
				expandSections = true;

In addition to this we should:

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Change 267729 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov):
Close out A/B test for impact of section collapsing

Change 267776 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov):
Remove section collapsing config

Change 267729 merged by jenkins-bot:
Close out A/B test for impact of section collapsing

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Moving this back to To Do as the code review has been done but there's one remaining AC.

I've confirmed that there's no mention of [wg]MFSchemaMobileWebSectionUsageSampleRate in the mediawiki-config repository.

Change 267776 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove section collapsing config

267776 was deployed by @thcipriani at 16:32:11 GMT during the morning SWAT window. I've seen no errors or warnings that I think are associated with the change. I do still see the wgMFSchemaMobileWebSectionUsageSampleRate config variable (i.e. mw.config.get( 'mw.config.values.wgMFSchemaMobileWebSectionUsageSampleRate' ), however I believe this will disappear once -wmf.11 -wmf.12 is deployed.

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-wmf.12 has been deployed to the group 0 wikis. mw.config.get( 'mw.config.values.wgMFSchemaMobileWebSectionUsageSampleRate' ) returns undefined on testwiki.

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