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Allow site customization of "personal tools"
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Author: adziura+wiki

Add to menu "personal tools" (my talk, my edition...) link to private sandbox:


In polish Wikipedia we use a JS to adding this link.

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ayg wrote:

I wouldn't add this by default, but some good way of customizing the personal tools might be called for. Perhaps a system message?

robchur wrote:

MediaWiki has no concept of a private sandbox, nor any kind of sandbox. This would add superfluous clutter to the user interface. Recommend WONTFIX.

ayg wrote:

Yes, the sandbox specifically definitely should not be added to the default software, it's a basically Wikipedian convention. However, the ability to add arbitrary links to the personal toolbox might be useful, especially on a per-user basis (it is after all a *personal* toolbox) but also on a per-site basis. Currently it can be done with JavaScript, but that's not ideal for accessibility, etc., especially for defaults.

Perhaps there could be an equivalent of Mediawiki:Sidebar for personal tools, that would allow arbitrary links to be added to it.

Hmm, the original example in the task here, was resolved by the creation of
Any wiki can request that extension (using the process at )
and thus will be added to the existing list of wikis using it at (ctrl-F for wmgUseSandboxLink)
That probably means we can resolve this task, as written?

If you want someone to build a custom UI that would make it easy for anyone to add arbitrary links to their individual personal-toolbar or sidebar toolbox, you should probably file it as a different task (or arguably, you could rewrite this task's title and description so that it's less abstract!).
Whilst I've got it open... Here's a handy link of examples of scripts that add items to the personal-toolbar or the toolbox:

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Per T12430#4672979 extensions can add links to the personal menus. A MediaWiki:sidebar style interface should definitely be a new task.