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Q3 personal goal: Start supporting the Education team with Dashboard-related work
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Work around a "Program and Events dashboard" (that is, adapting the existing Education one to multiple needs and internationalizing it) is being planned and drafted at Wikipedia_Education_Program/Dashboard.
The working group has asked for liaisons' support and I'm happy to provide some.
It will be a good occasion to document practices and pointing to already available resources in some cases.
I'll keep this task up to date.

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Last week I participated to an initial group meeting, which had the following agenda:

  • Scope of work
  • Priorities for internationalizing dashboard
  • Timeline
  • Ongoing maintenance (and cost for that)
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Future: work at hackathons / hire interns?

Notes are available at .

This week I met with Floor mainly to confirm my availability, and to flag that I will attend the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin,
which is traditionally a good venue to meet and talk to people involved in the Edu programs.
Depending on what coding work gets actually done in the next months, we'll decide what we can actually get out of that event (we could set up a session to gather feedback, or to demo the dashboard, etc.).

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One of my first tasks is contacting people who can help with T125433.

In the course of that internal conversation, I have also suggested a first reality-check.

Next phase is facilitating some kind of conversation with Legal about tool's requirements.

I've also helped with a FAQ doc, which is now published here. I've invited my colleagues to review if they want.

For obvious reasons, contributing to the retrospective will also be part of this work.

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After meetings with Amanda and with Floor, I took another stab at updating the FAQ page (and related ones).
I also started a round of invitations to translate to Armenian and Hebrew.

I believe that my involvement is over now that the related sprint is over as well.
I'm thinking I'd like to summarize here some "retrospective" thoughts at some point - different task for that, though.
I'll be happy to dig for other translators and testers if I'm asked.