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All WMF mailing lists should be publicly listed
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There are private WMF mailing lists which are not listed at (E.g. the Reading mailing lists: T97147, T116610) There are good reasons to keep some mailing lists private, but no reasons whatsoever to keep the fact that a list exists private.

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I've heard anti-spam as a given reason before, was never really convinced though.

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All the below is my viewpoint, no an official viewpoint of anyone else.

Just to clarify, this seems like the request is purely on a 'make more info transparent' principal, and there are no technical reasons for making the lists public. The operations team can generate a listing of all lists (public and private) for their own maintenance work.

If a list name is public, then it can result in more requests to join the list, or more moderated spam messages. If a list is a private list, I'm not sure why it should be publicly listed.

I think moving forward on this task would require one of two methods of approval:

  • Someone in upper management in engineering at WMF would have to state this should/needs to happen.
    • I think this would likely result in ill-will from many affected lists and list members. When their list was created as private, it had all the expectations that I would think most previously assumed it entailed, such as not being listed on the listing of all lists on the server.
  • A direct 'buy-in'/approval from the list administrators of all affected private lists.
    • Ops can determine which lists are private and the list owners. However, since that info is in itself private, I'm not willing to even hint at how many there are or paste that info into a public task.
    • Alternatively: At least an announcement of the impending change well in advance. An email to list owners in addition to a list announcement for the owners list would be ideal, as then those private list owners wouldn't have any reason to confuse the email with general list traffic/emails.

I think the latter option(s) with announcement of the change, and a full reasoning for why, would be the best course of action, if this task were to be approved. I'm personally not sold on the idea, having some lists as private seems fine to me.

Just my two cents =]

I volunteer to email all the list owners of such lists to warn them of the change (and offer an opt-out for those who have reasons?). Of course I'll need a list of the affected lists. :)

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