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android app gets confused re if logged in or not
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priority=high because I need someone to tell me whether or not you want me to keep the app in this inconsistent state. (i.e. if I log out and back in does that destroy info that would be useful for fixing this bug)

Android App 2.1.137-beta-2016-01-11

android app gets confused re if logged in or not. the menu shows my username and offers a "Log out" button. previews that include a sig (tilde x4, on a talk page or even [[WP:Sandbox]]) show an IP instead of username in that sig. saves always (so far) fail even just adding a letter to sandbox. I can edit with this IP from a browser. so I'm not blocked. when I hit Next to get to the preview screen in F2973455, I don't see the text about logging in to have more privacy.

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Wondering if this is a dup / outcome of T124384?