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SessionHandler causing login problems for Huggle 2 and older
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I can't log in to WP:Huggle either.

Per the thread immediately above, some WMF-side changes to cookies and session handling have broken STiki, Huggle, and is perhaps related to CBNG's current downtime.

Over at WP:VPT, they seem to suggest this issue might related to a new SessionManager rollout. The line "but do make sure your code is handling cookies normally instead of using the deprecated return values from action=login to construct cookies manually."

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First, make sure you're handling cookies correctly. The main symptom of incorrect cookie handling is that your app gets stuck receiving a NeedToken response over and over from action=login (see T124252: NEED_TOKEN error spike when 1.27-wmf.11 SessionManager was deployed to group1, and particularly T124252#1956288).

I can login with Huggle just fine, can you please explain how to reproduce this bug?

I also see many active users on HAN so this probably doesn't affect many people.

/me has not tested or been affected personally, just reporting from what I've read.

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This bug seems to affect only obsolete huggle 2x

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SessionManager is being redeployed with compatibility fixes (live on non-Wikipedias now, deployed to Wikipedias tomorrow). Please check again and close the task if you don't experience problems.

Are there still problems here?

Huggle 2 is not supported anymore.