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Design research support for two step authentication
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Security and other teams are working to implement two step authentication across the foundation. They are aware that there are usability issues with end users using two step auth.

To get to the goals of this research define a methodology, the first step will be meeting with Security team to discuss.

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@csteipp we are wondering if this research is still needed? I see it is in Ready column on Security team work board. Let us know about timing if it is still needed. We will need to get together to better understand the research question if still needed.

Just talked with you, @csteipp - updating our understanding of the task, please correct me if I get anything wrong.

This is for two step auth for Wikipedia users. There will be a roll out (as a pilot to learn from) of several small groups of users in the next few weeks. Participation will be optional for users invited. It would be useful to gather feedback from this set of users to inform iterations before larger roll outs. We discussed meeting to create a structure for feedback together and a process for analysis and informed iteration. I will create a meeting for us to do some initial planning and get our heads together on this project.

We met and discussed how to make the most of the pilot and any feedback that the Security team might gather during the pilot. The Design Research team does not have the time to do a full usability study for the 2-step pilot, but Darian and Chris and I met, and I shared some methods for asking for feedback from the participants of the pilot as well as structuring any incoming feedback so it is easy to analyze once the pilot is complete.

@dpatrick and @csteipp Chris let me know when you have the survey for review. I will leave the country next Friday, May 13th for research and will be pretty focused on that while gone. @dchen (Daisy) will also be able to review the survey and provide you with advice / feedback for it.

Darian has them written up, and I think he'll be passing them on today or tomorrow

aripstra renamed this task from Usability testing for two step authentication to Design research support for two step authentication.May 6 2016, 12:27 AM
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@dchen Any update on status - will you complete or assign back Design Research? Thanks!!!

@ggellerman no update for a couple months, i'd say can freeze/close for now, but i'll assign it back.

@dpatrick We would like to close this ticket unless you think that we'll resume work on it. Thanks!

We are removing Design Research off this ticket. Please feel free to add us back if work resumes.

Are we distinguishing two-factor from two step?

Whilst two-step is not ideal, it is presumably easier to implement than two factor and would be a step forward.

Two-factor could then be added further down the line?

Resetting task assignee, as that user account is not active anymore.