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Hide "cardholder name" field from Adyen form
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According to Adyen, we should be able to hide the "cardholder name" field. This would be very exciting as we would simplify the workflow.

In task T124230 we will have autofilled this field. I'm assuming the field is mandatory, so we'd have to fill it and hide it?

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@Amire80 says that Israeli users are likely to type their name in Hebrew for the initial identification, but re-type it in latin characters for the 'Cardholder name' field. @Ppena, I can autofill + hide the name field for some languages, and show a blank field for others, if we can work out the list of languages most often used by donors in this situation.

@jrobell, any opinion on how we handle this, given that @Amire80 says Israeli users will often type their name in Hebrew in the contact form, then in Latin characters in the billing form? Treat Hebrew as a special case where we show the second field blank? Do the same for all languages with non-Latin scripts?

@Ejegg I just discussed this with @jrobell and hebrew seems to be a special case. We don't have any other info for non-latin scripts and we wouldn't want to seem culturally insensitive to those languages.

OK, so show (empty) for Hebrew and autofill+hide for the rest?

Change 290589 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ejegg):
Adyen: fill & hide cc name field for all but Hebrew

Change 290589 merged by jenkins-bot:
Adyen: fill & hide cc name field for all but Hebrew