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Education program surveys
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This project aims to prepare survey templates that program leaders can easily use. The surveys will be developed from already-existing surveys and questions that are being used in education programs.

The surveys can involve:

  • Pre-course survey
  • Post-course survey
  • 6-month or 1-year follow-up survey after the course ends
  • Education ambassador surveys
  • Institutional survey
  • Anything else!

View the other tasks involved with this project at the top of this ticket.

Final survey templates will be placed in outreach wiki:

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I think well designed surveys are crucial to the continual improvement of the program.
I can share a survey I gave out at the end of the very first semester of the very first course in the education program in Palestine.
Only 5 out of the 18 students enrolled submitted their responses to the survey after two pleas (I've just sent out a third plea, highlighting that it is a very short survey and shouldn't take long).
The survey was done online, and I had no face-to-face interaction with the students.

Here is the survey:

At the end of the Fall 2015 semester, we would like to gather your opinions about the inclusion of Wikipedia assignments in the course and evaluate the first ever Wikipedia Education Program in Palestine.  Please answer to the best of your knowledge, and give your honest opinion.  If you do not wish to fill out your name, you can choose to submit the survey anonymously.  You can answer in either English or Arabic.
Q1: How would you rate your overall assessment of the Wikipedia assignments?
       On a scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent, and 1 being very bad

Q2: How likely are you to recommend such a course to other students?
       On a scale of 1-5, 5 being extremely likely and 1 being extremely unlikely

Q3: How likely are you to continue editing Wikipedia after the end of this course?
       On a scale of 1-5, 5 being extremely likely and 1 being extremely unlikely

Q4: If offered, would you elect to take another course with Wikipedia assignments?
       Yes/No/Wikipedia assignments are not a factor

Q5: What did you like best about the Wikipedia assignments in this course?

Q6: What did you like least about the Wikipedia assignments in this course?

Q7: If you could do something differently, what would it be?

Q8: Name (optional)

Q9: Wikipedia userame (optional)

Q10: What language did you mainly edit in?

Great idea. So fara, here is a sample of the kind of surveys we run on cawiki.
We do not implement it by default in all of our courses due to a lack of systematization, although it is a desirable thing for us. If WMF can help with any kind of templates or proposals to help us implementing surveys in our education projects we will be very happy about it!

Thanks so much for sharing the survey @Fjmustak. For surveys, incentives can help a lot. A few examples: offering extra credit for grades, offering a silly or fun photo if 50% or more fill out the survey, and if you have the ability to, you can also offer a small gift or maybe Wikipedia gifts. These are just a few ideas and there could be others. I'm currently wondering wether the WMF can offer support with incentives as well since survey data is very important.

@Kippelboy, thanks for sharing your survey as well! It would be great to hear more about what you mean about "lack of systematization". Do you mean having the technology to do the survey or maybe having a clearer process? What I would like to support with first with this project is to help develop standard questions and full surveys that can be helpful for most education programs. One way to help systematize, for example is that you can include a drop down menu in your survey that specifies which course/program; this way, you will have all the data from all the courses in one google form.

Seems like most surveys are done at the end of courses; does anyone use surveys at the beginning of a course as well? Or for ambassadors/volunteers who support the program?

I mean both of them: technology and stantardized processes -> on cawiki we are now trying to rething how to make EDU projects more self-sustainable and scalable, and this would be an appreciated tool.
Regarding preview surveys, AFAIK, we haven't done.

Hi @egalvezwmf I´m very happy of this task, it´s very useful!

In WMAR we customize the surveys for each activities, that´s way we want to know the profiles of educators so we are interested in qualitative responses. I share some of them:

In the case of online courses:
Evaluation of the online course "Bridges between school, digital and free culture"
Name and surname
Wikipedia User

The length of the course "bridges between educational, digital and free culture" has been the right one?
Strongly agree
Somewhat agree
In disagreement

The extension of weekly classes was the right one?
Strongly agree
Somewhat agree
In disagreement

Once you completed the course, how would you rate the following quality characteristics that we present below (please score with: Very appropriate, Appropriate, Unsuitable or Nothing inappropriate)

According to the development of the course and your participation on it, how would you rate the development of proposals for activities? (please score with: Very appropriate, Appropriate, Unsuitable or Nothing inappropriate)
Sense training
Implementation complexity
Teacher Support Team
Consistency in workshops
Time for activities

According to the development of the classes, what is your opinion about them?(please score with: Very appropriate, Appropriate, Unsuitable or Nothing inappropriate)
Relevance of materials
Extension Classes

Analysis of experience in the Wikimedia projects
Of all the Wikimedia projects that met through the course what you were the most used?
Wikimedia Commons
If you checked "other" you could say what?

During course development activity: Did you make editing Wikipedia?
Yes, I edited in Wikipedia
No, I created a user but I did not get to edit

If your answer was yes what you made during editing?
I improved an article that needed information.
I improved an article referencing existing information
I improved an article through photographs of Wikimedia Commons.
I started an article and worked during the course.
I started an article and still improving it
I have started and various items improved since I began the course.

Do you want to continue editing?

How easy or difficult consider to edit in Wikipedia?
Very difficult
Something complex but can be learned
Very easy

In education: Do you think that any of the Wikimedia projects, and Wikipedia in particular, they can be useful as a teaching resource?

Final assessment of the course
What were the ideas and projects Wikipedia changed after the course and its educational application?
Your knowledge of free culture, will it improved?
What are the three main issues You believe require improvements in the course and what you propose?
How would you describe your overall experience with the campus (accessibility, navigability, technical support)?
Could you express in one sentence what the course meant for you?
Would you do the course again? What other topics would you like to see / deeper?

Thank you for participating!`
In the case of specific events
Feedback Form - 2015 Educational Hackathon

We want to thank you for participating and ask some things to improve the experience in the future. Could You help us?

What is your opinion about the choice of the general theme of Educational Hackathon (Big Data, Digital Sources, Free culture)? *
Very good

What is your opinion about the dynamics of work at the tables (with different colleagues)? *
Very good

Did it change your perception about Wikipedia as an educator after this experience? *
Would you use Wikipedia in your school projects or educational? *
Did it change your perception on the use of data in education? *
Do you think you'll work with your students than the notion of "verifiable information"? *
Did the tour of the art show Big Bang Data feel like a contribution to the creative process? *
Do you think you're going to implement some of the activities that you have just created in Hackathon? *
What other subject or problem you interested in an upcoming event like this? *


In the case of meet volunteers
Wikimedia Argentina is at your service. We want to know

The form below seeks to provide information about your knowledge of the activities of Wikimedia Argentina and learn how we can help you in your work in Wikipedia.

Username of Wikipedia *
Optional. If we can provide to contact you to keep you abreast of our activities.

Hometown (specify province) *
If we can provide to generate activities in your area.

What is your main activity on Wikipedia?

Creating new items
Editing specific topics
Articles illustrate with material Wikimedia Commons

How often you edit Wikipedia?
Do you know the work of Wikimedia Argentina?

@Kippelboy, would be glad to help support your work in cawiki. It sounds like we can work together on the surveys to help you scale up? I've heard before that gathering information from many classrooms can be particularly difficult.

Thanks so much @MelinaMasnattaWMAR83 - it is super helpful to see that you are using different surveys for different education program activities - and thanks for the survey questions! Are these questions very useful for you? How do you use the data?

From everyone so far I am noticing that you do surveys for the wikipedia education program for:

  • Learning about student experience in a classroom
  • Learning about student experience in an online course
  • Learning about student experience in a major event (e.g. hackathon)
  • Learning demographic information and awareness from volunteers in a meetup

Are there any others out there? Maybe surveys for ambassadors who support students?

And which surveys are the most important that could use some work? Maybe pre- and post-classroom surveys?

Yes, scaling it and including "surveys by default" in our edu programs would be a great goal.

Hi again!
Thanks for your aprecciations @egalvezwmf !
About your questions: We use the answers to relieve expectations about our goals in the program, anf obviously to improve our actions. We also used them for take key phrases or testimonies of those who had an experience with the program.
I think the issues for the surveys are great!
Lets go on!

Great! Sounds like there is interest in this. I am thinking we can start with course surveys; I am guessing these will be the most used? Let me know if this is a bad assumption.

What I am thinking about for process:

  • First, we need course surveys from programs around the world. We have a few here which is a great start, but we need more. Can someone help with doing a bit of outreach in the collab mailing list and/or outreach to ask for more classroom surveys?
  • Once we have more surveys, I can review the surveys; if they are not in English, this is OK - I can use google translate to have the general idea for the question.
  • From the questions being asked, I will figure out what are the main goals that education program classroom surveys are trying to reach, and I will post this on meta or outreach because we need to discuss the goals and see if there are other important goals that are missing. We can even vote on which are the most important if there are too many.
  • Once we have discussion about the goals, I can move into creating a master survey on meta or outreach, where it can be translated. After this; I will need help putting the translations into google forms for easy use.

How does this sound? The tasks where you can help would be to: helping gather surveys; discussing goals and outreach if we need more discussion, reviewing questions, helping to translate. I will take care of the parts that would take more time: admin work, analyzing the questions, assessing goals, doing the wiki mark up, etc.

As for discussing how to systematize surveys in the edu programs, we can put the topic in another phabricator ticket. I think that is a bigger question we could work on together as well.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Hello @Kippelboy, @Fjmustak, @MelinaMasnattaWMAR83, @Ata, @Samtar, @Base !

How does the above proposal sound? I've also added subtasks. Would be great to hear your feedback. Thanks so much!

Hi @egalvezwmf thanks for this opportunity, I´ll try to help but I´m not sure if I could (next weeks will be creazy because we are lunching the educative year) but I stay in touch. I´ve been reading all the other tasks and looks great! Keep in touch!

Thanks for letting me know @MelinaMasnattaWMAR83. Best of luck with launching the new year!

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Just 4 surveys needed to reach 10 surveys! Please share yours! :)


One more added this evening. :)

Hi all!

I posted a first draft of the student survey in outreachwiki last week. I want to get your feedback before marking the page for translation.

  • How do these questions look?
  • Anything missing?
  • Anything too redundant?

I would really appreciate your feedback.

I am working on the survey for educators. Coming soon...

I leave you a koala :)

Macro koala-bear:     Can you pleez...     review the student survey??... :)

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All subtasks closed, what is left here? Resetting assignee as the account @egalvezwmf is not active anymore.

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