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Make Language Pair Choices more user friendly
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  1. enable all language pairs (configuration change)
  2. make drop downs searchable (ui change)
  3. use browser lang as source default (ui change). If multiple browser languages info available, choose the destination language as one of them at random.
  4. do not pre-fill language selections if no info is available from browser/url params
  5. load the recommendations if the source and target parameters are set or if the language is retrieved from the browser

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@santhosh is there a standard menu we use for the user to type and find the language they are interested in? We want to improve the way we expose To and From languages to the user in

@leila, we use Universal Language Selector for this.

There is a mediawiki independent javascript library for that I guess that is what you need.

@ellery @leila We had discussed not logging the request if it wasn't an intentional action, but I think we still may want to log these in order to get the userToken and requestToken. I think adding an origin field to the TranslationRecommendationUIRequests schema that's an enum of options like form_submit, url_parameters, browser_language, etc. would provide information to distinguish the requests.

@schana when I type "arabic", I should be taken to "العربیة" (or "persian" should take me to "فارسی"), right? this is not working at the moment, which makes it hard since I may not know how exactly the languages are represented. Is this something we can fix?