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We want to get basic information about how the recommender tool is used. Here are descriptions for an initial set of EventLogging tables we would like to fill:

TranslationRecommendationUIRequests: Logs information about each request a user makes to the API:
timestamp: (required)
user_agent: (required)
s: source language [query param] (required)
t: target language [query param] (required)
seed: seed parameter used for searching [query param] (optional)
search: search algorithm used [query param] (optional)
user_name: the editors user name. Required for future functionality of getting user name based recs (optional)
user_id: unique user token/cookie (required)
request_id: cookie that gets set on each api request. Used as key into other tables. (required)
campaign: name of the campaign the user is in [query param] (optional)
condition: name of the campaign condition the user is in [query param](optional)

TranslationRecommendationUserAction: Logs what articles are having actions taken and how

request_id: generated upon the api request that fetched the data the user is seeing. (required)
page_title: title of the specific page the user is acting on (required)
action: action taken. Current options are in {flag_not_interested, flag_not_notable, create_from_scratch, create_using_content_translation} (required)

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It seems that there is a lot of shared info between TranslationRecommendationUIRequests and TranslationRecommendationAPIRequests. Is one supposed to be client-side and the other server-side? Could we combine them?

@schana One schema tracks the API usage the other tracks the usage of our app. API usage would be logged from the server. The app usage would be logged from the client. Our app is only one of 3 current API consumers and there may be more consumers in the future. I think its cleaner to keep them separate: a joint schema would contain too many fields that only apply in one of the contexts.

@ellery I understand.

For TranslationRecommendationCXTranslations, would you want the behavior to be similar to the Flagging schema in having distinct options for how the user chooses to proceed expressed as an enum?

@ellery After our discussion, what do you want the schema name to be for when the user takes an action to translate the article? Here's a couple ideas:
TranslationRecommendationAction: this is a little generic, but could be combined with the Flagging schema
TranslationRecommendationArticleCreation: this could have an enum named something like method or tool that has CX or from scratch as options.

I think creating a combined 'user action' table makes sense.

For archive happiness, the changes can be seen in: deployment-eventlogging03.eqiad.wmflabs # /srv/log/eventlogging