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Incorrect markup of an infobox
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Author: pilotboi

Article uses Infobox Album template. The box's Producer attribute is being outputted in a dashed box, on the wrong side, and with an = sign. Attempt to correct the error by editing the article was unsucessful. Please see article.

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Severity: minor



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robchur wrote:

This is a bug tracker for problems with the software that powers Wikipedia, not Wikipedia articles themselves. If there is a problem with an article, you can usually edit it by clicking the "edit this page" link. If this is not possible, raise the issue on the associated discussion page.

robchur wrote:

(I've fixed the article, however; missing pipe at the end of the line above...)

pilotboi wrote:

thanks - didnt even notice it was missing

ganeshpdl wrote:

Infobox in Nepali Wikipedia cannot calculate the current age of a living person.
Please help us to fix it.