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PDFBook exports empty files
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I am using MediaWiki version 1.26.2 and install extension pdfBook for download the MediaWiki article as PDF document. I configured it as per the instruction said in the this article (, after that I am getting only empty PDF file.
Could you help me !

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What is the log output for the request?

I checked the error log as well, there is no log info generated.

I think the Wikimedia and Organic Design versions are forked, what version are you using? I maintain the Organic Design version shown in the main Download link, if you used the extension from the ExtensionDistributor you'll have got the Wikimedia version. You could try whatever version you're not using and see if that fixes the problem.

What do you mean by Organic Design, please explain? I am having issue with PDFBook extension!

The download link on the page links to the my own repo which is Organic Design, I no longer have commit access to the Wikimedia repo (I never had the time to figure out the new wikimedia process after they changed from svn) so I maintain my extensions in my own repo.

Ok! Please share the exact link !

According to , the issue tracker of the PdfBook extension has been moved to .
Hence I am closing this task, as issues / bug reports / enhancement requests about the PdfBook extension are not handled in Wikimedia Phabricator anymore.
If the issue described in this report still happens, please forward this report to the project on GitHub (see link above). We are sorry for the inconvenience.