Pasting bullets containing templates indents incorrectly
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Create a bullet list containing:

  • {{Done}} One
  • Two
  • Three

(where {{Done}} is the template). Then select and cut the first bullet, and try to paste it between Two and Three. The result is a mess, looking roughly like this in the editor:

  • Two
  • _
    • {{Done}} One


(where _ is actually blank)

But after saving, it looks like:

  • Two
    • {{Done}} One
    • Three

I set up an example here:

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This is expected behaviour. The content you cut and pasted was not just "a bullet", it was the start of a list. Pasting a list into a list inserts it as a sub-list rather than merging the content, per user requests previously. We could revisit this, but it'd be awkward to invert the expectation here. The empty line is called a slug and is required to let you insert something else ahead of the sub-list (such as an image), but disappears on edit.

But what about the "Three" appearing on a separate line, rather than on a bullet line?

The argument that selecting the first bullet is "selecting a list" rather than "selecting a bullet" makes sense from a technical standpoint, but not really from a user standpoint. I'm pretty sure every other bullet point editor I have used allows you to move the first bullet to a lower position in the same list, without indenting it. Gmail and google docs certainly allow it.