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[[MediaWiki:Ob-db-user-no-email/en]] & [[MediaWiki:Ob-db-user-no-email-confirmation/en]]: Change 'e-mail' to 'email address'; use GENDER
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Macofe raised the priority of this task from to Lowest.
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@Macofe: Please summarize the actual issue in the task summary instead of writing "i18n issue".

Aklapper renamed this task from [[MediaWiki:Ob-db-user-no-email/en]] & [[MediaWiki:Ob-db-user-no-email-confirmation/en]] i18n issue to [[MediaWiki:Ob-db-user-no-email/en]] & [[MediaWiki:Ob-db-user-no-email-confirmation/en]]: Change 'e-mail' to 'email address'; use GENDER.Jan 26 2016, 1:30 PM
Aklapper added a project: good first task.

Change 266496 had a related patch set uploaded (by PranavK):
Clarify and add GENDER support to a few messages

I don't think GENDER support can/should be added to ob-db-user-no-email... What do you think?

Added to "User" anyway

Change 266496 merged by jenkins-bot:
Clarify and add GENDER support to a few messages

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Thanks for fixing this